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The Transform Story



Transform is a new Naarm/ Melbourne-based fashion brand launched by Simone Kelly (she/ her) and her 16 year old stepson, Eli (he/ they), after they struggled to find comfortable, safe, locally designed chest binders for Eli. 

Eli says:”I got my first binder in 2020 from the internet, and it was so rigid and hard to get into. But once I had it on, and I put a shirt over it, and I was just looking in the mirror, I was so happy and excited. It’s really important that binders are actually comfortable and we couldn’t find that at the time. So when Sim came up with the idea to launch our own, I was so proud and happy and wanted to be part of it.”

The result is a line of binders that have been designed for comfort, safety and style – with tucking underwear and a range of outerwear to follow.

Simone says: “I never set out to start a fashion brand, I just couldn’t accept the injustice of what Eli had to go through every day just to squeeze into an uncomfortable binder. It was inhumane. I knew that with a bit of effort we could solve the problem for Eli and many others. I really do believe that comfort is a human right; especially the comfort of being exactly who you are.”