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The best place to start is with our crop binder. It has multiple adjustments to allow you to ease into binding on looser settings.

The main thing to remember is that you should always feel comfortable, so start with gentler binding for short periods of time and gradually work your way up to stronger binding and/or wearing a binder for longer periods.

Always follow your comfort and loosen your binder or remove it if you're feeling uncomfortable.

Have a look at how to measure yourself here.

Then follow our simple size chart to order the correct size, or make a booking for a fitting here.

Binders are designed to modify the appearance of your chest, not to support you safely whilst exercising.

They may also restrict your lung capacity, so please remove prior to exercising.

We recommend giving your body time to rest and relax (without a binder) whilst sleeping.


Hooks on their own aren't the issue, and they're used on bras, sports bras, and even medical grade compression wear. 

A garment such as a binder may seem simple, but can have very complicated construction, and the construction does vary greatly on the binders currently available in the market. We spent 3 years developing our designs specifically to ensure safety and comfort. Our compression comes from the compression fabric itself, and we do not include any 'rigid panels' in any of our binders because they restrict movement and breathing.

The hooks on our crop binders are merely a means of putting the binder on more easily. And we've included hooks on both sides to ensure the compression is distributed evenly. The uneven distribution has been one of the problems with hook binders in the past.

When following our size chart (which has been professionally graded), the binder should feel extremely comfortable and you shouldn't experience any discomfort.

But if you're concerned at all, you should opt for our tank binder which has no hooks at all.

And you should always follow our Tips For Safe Binding.

Binder care

We recommend either hand washing your binder or machine washing it in a laundry bag, and then hanging it to dry in the shade.

This will help maintain the integrity of your binder.


We have unbranded packaging options which you can select at checkout.

Our binders are branded 'Transform' only. There is no reference to 'transwear'.


Yes we do! Simply add a binder to your cart and you'll get a shipping quote at checkout.